EDIT charges £145 a day (4hrs) with all additional hours charged at £40 an hour.

This includes a 30 minute free consultation and a free charity shop drop –off (one car load) for anything you no longer need (see T+C's for further information).

This rate also includes travel to and from a client up to 30 minutes each way.



I offer the services of Organise + Declutter, Wardrobe  Styling, and Downsizing. I work with my clients in a supportive and non-judgemental way. All bespoke to individual clients needs.

These are some of the questions I’m always asked:


+ What is a declutter?

Someone who supports you through clearing and organising spaces in your home.

+ What is clutter?

Clutter varies for each individual but it is what makes you unhappy.

+ Do I need to purchase additional storage?

Not straightaway, you need to declutter and organise first and then if storage is needed I can help find storage solutions for you.

+ Where do I start?

Working with you we start off small and take on the areas that need the most attention first.

+ What happens to my clutter at the end you my session?

I will provide you with one charity drop-off.

+ We have a large house do you have a team to help us?

Yes I can organise a team.