“I hired Nicole to clear and streamline my wardrobe and offer styling advice. She came to my house and we spent half a day going through my wardrobe, deciding what to keep and what to send to charity. Since then, I have followed her simple rules to ensure that my clothes are kept in an orderly way. When I go shopping, I am more mindful of what I buy so I don’t waste money on clothes that are not suitable. Shopping has become more bearable and my wardrobe is more useable – I am buying less, but buying better. I would highly recommend using Nicole. She truly practises what she preaches and as well as being smart she has a lovely personality, so what was a chore on a ‘to do’ list was a useful and friendly experience.”
Louiza, EN2


“I asked Nicole to help me create space and declutter my sons’ shared bedroom. I didn’t know where to start and felt too overwhelmed to do it alone. We spent the day sorting through clothes, toys and books. She helped me get rid of what I didn't need, organise what I did need in a way I couldn't have done myself and most importantly she created space where before the cupboards had been bursting out. Nicole has also inspired me to be more thoughtful about what I buy and to clear kids’ clutter as and when it arrives, rather than letting it stack up again. I’d highly her recommend for anyone who wants to feel happy in their home!”
Naomi, N2


“Nicole helped me to clear my loft space which had an enormous amount of clutter following a house move. As I’m a real horder, it was a monumental task, but Nicole helped me to sort through everything methodically and devised a clever boxing system for everything that remains. Quite literally years of junk has now been evicted from my house. It’s a real weight off my mind, and my loft has never looked so good.”
Karen, N20


"I was overwhelmed by the very thought of de-cluttering our home office which had become a dumping ground for a myriad of stuff of all kinds - in the office we stored anything from vases and glassware to kids' scooters, house cleaning products, house admin filing and office stationery. With Nicole we decided to choose the section that needed the most urgent attention. Nicole's calm approach gave me instant relief and she was focused and clear on how to create order. Within a few hours we had completely re organised this section and everything was tidy, ordered, easy to find and even schemed by colour! When she left I felt inspired and excited to tackle the rest of the office. Nicole is authentic in her firm belief in a more minimalistic approach to living and her enthusiasm is contagious! She has not only re-organised my office but has also shown me a new way of thinking and living. I strongly recommend her."
Stephanie, NW11