From bedrooms to kitchens, wardrobes to lofts, EDIT works with every space in your home. The work we do together is more than organising a room, it’s about your lifestyle. The process is about you and creating a more efficient and spacious home. Letting go of clutter from your space will transform your life.

Once I have come to your home, you will understand how to be organised so that you can continue your life free from clutter.

Currently, EDIT covers central, north and northwest London.




Nicole came to declutter our VERY messy playroom/ laundry room, now that room looks so tidy and organised! she was very fast and efficient. We were very impressed with the way she works and organise everything. She makes it look so easy! We highly recommend her!
Karla, NW11

I worked with Nicole during an extremely stressful time – pregnant and moving to a three bedroom home with a home office. Needless to say I was overwhelmed. Nicole has a very wonderful energy that instantly makes you feel comfortable and taken care of. She’s resolute and determined to help you organise everything so that it’s easy to find, and clutter free. She is extremely efficient and helps you make tough decisions to get rid of things you no longer need, and very quickly shows you the benefits of living an organised life. I’d highly recommend Nicole for big or small jobs – I’d hire her again in an instant!
Laura, NW3

My wardrobes were in a state.. clothes everywhere and impossible to locate what i needed.

Nicole put me at ease we went through all of it together and she rearranged it all .. I may never need another pair of denim jeans again!!

It's hard to let people in and see what's going on in your wardrobe as it's a very personal thing but I couldn't recommend her highly enough.
Krissy, NW11

“I asked Nicole to help me create space and declutter my wardrobe and bathroom. I didn’t know where to start and felt too overwhelmed to do it alone.

We spent the day sorting through my clothes and bathroom. She helped me get rid of what I didn't need, organise what I did need in a way I couldn't have done myself and most importantly she created space where before my wardrobe and bathroom had been bursting out.

Nicole has also inspired me to be more thoughtful about what I buy. I’d highly her recommend for anyone who wants to feel happy in their home!”
Naomi, N2

"I was overwhelmed by the very thought of de-cluttering our home office which had become a dumping ground for a myriad of stuff of all kinds - in the office we stored anything from vases and glassware to kids' scooters, house cleaning products, house admin filing and office stationery.

With Nicole we decided to choose the section that needed the most urgent attention. Nicole's calm approach gave me instant relief and she was focused and clear on how to create order. Within a few hours we had completely re organised this section and everything was tidy, ordered, easy to find and even schemed by colour!

When she left I felt inspired and excited to tackle the rest of the office. Nicole is authentic in her firm belief in a more minimalistic approach to living and her enthusiasm is contagious! She has not only re-organised my office but has also shown me a new way of thinking and living. I strongly recommend her."
Stephanie, NW11

“I hired Nicole to help edit my wardrobe ahead of a big house renovation and 9 months travelling. She’s worked in fashion so has an excellent eye for what’s got longevity and what works with other pieces, as well as what looks good (and what doesn’t!) and this was invaluable in persuading me to part with a mountain of things that, deep down, I knew I should’ve got rid of a long time ago. 

She’s very good humoured, very patient and very warm and kind so it’s a genuinely nice process rather than traumatic, boring or laborious. I actually enjoyed hanging out with her! But importantly Nicole is pretty focussed and firm about what stays and what goes, without being bossy. As a result, I found that the things I was left with (still loads) all work brilliantly together and suit my lifestyle.

A massive added bonus is that Nicole will take everything off your hands that very same day and distribute to the charity shop(s) of your choice. This meant that it wasn’t hanging around, cluttering up the house just in a slightly different receptacle, like every other time I’ve tried to throw things out! She even took some of the more expensive pieces away to resell and make me some extra cash.”
Libby, N6